Weal and Woe Farm was established in 2015 by Andy Olson and Katie Beaton.  The farm is tucked between Tom's Mountain and the Arkansas River in the Toad Suck community of Perry County.  The majority of the 29 acre farm is woodlands and wild spaces with three acres of land in cultivation.  We grow a wide variety of vegetables and cut flowers on two acres, with the remaining land in cover crops to improve the soil and provide habitat for pollinators. 

The crops are grown with the eater in mind.  We manage our natural resources to grow crops that are healthy and nourishing all the way from our fields to your plate or vase.  While we are not certified organic, we follow many of the guidelines for organic certification and strive to grow all of our crops in an environmentally conscious way.  We do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on our crops.  Rather, we depend on cover crops, compost, crop rotations, and organic-approved inputs to grow healthy plants.